Water and Mold Remediation

Expert Professional Mold Removal in the Miami Area

Lee Restoration is the expert in Mold removal in Miami and in the greater Miami area. Our skilled professionals don’t just treat the symptoms of Mold, we deal with the root causes and actually fix the problem. We won’t ask you to unnecessarily knock down walls or throw out furnishings either. We’re a full-service company too, that means we’ll take you safely through the whole process, from initial expert consultation, through removal and then any follow-up.

Stage 1: Contact us

If you think you might have a Mold or Water problem, just send us an email sales@leewaterdamagerestoration.com or call us (786) 661-8294. We’ll give you a no-obligation, free of charge initial short phone pre-assessment. You can send us pictures or videos (but remember that many molds are hard to see).  We will then either give you a free estimate or you can book a call- out inspection, which has no charge if you go ahead with our treatment.

Stage 2: On-site Tests

The next step is we will visit your home, office or business for a detailed inspection. All our specialists are experts in all aspects of water and mold remediation. We will thoroughly investigate the property, testing any visible mold, any suspect areas and also for airborne spores which are a sign the Mold might be spreading and may have taken hold in some other areas.

Stage 3: On-site Treatment

Once we have established what kind of mold (or molds) you have and how far they have spread, we’ll treat the property. We sometimes recommend immediate or at least fast treatment, first because some molds are hazardous and secondly it will save you time, money and hassle to get things done and sort things out there and then. If for any reason that’s not practical, we’ll book you a time that is convenient for you. If you have an outbreak of “Black Mold” and also have people on the property with respiration issues, like wheezing, shortness of breath, etc. it’s best to do the work as quickly as possible.

The next step is the treatment itself. Lee Water is a full-service Mold and Water remediation company and we will only use the best and latest techniques that are right for your specific needs. Properly done Mold removal needs the right products, equipment, and people.

Some companies might want to overcharge you with unnecessary work, others might be using a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We don’t believe that’s the best way to look after our customers – our method is to pick the right tools for your job.
We will do a full and thorough job, wherever the Mold is present. We don’t “cut corners” and will check out every crack and every crevice.

Remediation work need not take many days. In some cases, we will be able to turn the job around in four hours or so. Whatever the time needed, we will make sure we make a thorough re-inspection. That means we’ll know the Mold is cleared.

Stage 4: Follow through

Once we have killed off the Mold (or molds), we’ll give you clear and straightforward advice on how to prevent a new occurrence. Some companies will claim they can eliminate Mold permanently, but that’s misleading or in some cases downright dishonest. Molds love cellulose and especially wood, paper, etc. in water-damaged buildings. They are always ready to re-colonize given even half a chance. Like Arnie in the Terminator, Mold is a fighter – kick it out of your property temporarily and it will be back.

So, we’ll advise you how to make sure your home, office or business is correctly protected and maintained. That way, you really can guarantee the Mold will not be back and you can safely say ‘Hasta la Vista’.

Mold removal in Miami