Get an A Plus Service From The Best Water Restoration Company In Brickell

Looking for professional help against water damage? Does your property need restoration after water damage? Then we at Lee Restoration are here for you. Damages due to water spilling and flooding are serious and you deserve the services of the best Water Restoration Company Brickell. We are always ready to serve and provide our clients with unprecedented precision and swiftness.

We, at Lee Restoration, are already a well-known name in water and mold-related damages. Our experienced and skilled members provide all-inclusive service including finding the root cause of the problem and treating it.


Our approaches are to provide a long-lasting solution to our clients, with proper consultation, complete treatment, and routine follow-up. We do not believe in giving the same treatment to every complaint; providing the proper service sets us apart as a Water Restoration Company Brickell. Even after the job is done, we will continue periodical re-inspection.

Mold Inspection in Miami

Mold inspection services are the process of identifying any mold hazard in a building structure. We will collect samples, which we test and then let you know exactly what you are dealing with, including the hazard level and the best and most cost-effective methods to solve the problem.

Why choose us?

Every company will claim that their services are the best, but our expertise in Water Damage Restoration Brickell is well-established. Apart from the swiftest response time, our company can provide other reasons that make it the most dependable Water Restoration Company Brickell. Some of the points are;

1. We have the latest instruments and most updated methods to perform the most intricate Water Damage Restoration Brickell.
2. Our teams are always ready and we provide 24-hour service to them.
3. Our services include the pre-check and the inspection, and we provide effective tips to reduce the damage happening again.
4. Our team members are highly-trained personnel to perform Water Damage Restoration Brickell for damages of any size, and they do not quit until the problem is totally solved.
5. Our experienced team members guarantee the quickest service time and minimum disturbance of your affected surface and ensure that the restoration job is done completely.

We have been providing successful and long-lasting restoration services for quite a while now. Utilize our skills and experience for any water damage in your property. Give us a call if you need any services or would like us to give your house a thorough inspection. We provide consultation services also.


Water & Mold Remediation