Get Prompt and Exceptional Water Damage Restoration Services from Lee Restoration

Emergencies due to waterlogging, pipe burst, appliance failure, and toilet or sink overflow can become very upsetting. Delay in taking care of the problem may cause lasting damage to your property?

You would need the services of the best Water Damage Restoration Key Biscayne Company to solve the problems and return your place to its previous state. Our skilled technicians at Lee Restoration provides the most detailed water restoration services. From the removal of water to professional cleaning and disinfection, we as the most popular Water Restoration Company Key Biscayne, provide the most fitting services.

Water Restoration Company Key Biscayne

Unlike other water damage restoration companies, we provide comprehensive and all of the related services to Water Damage Restoration Key Biscayne. We know that often water-related emergencies can be a sudden event and we, therefore, are always on alert to provide the quickest services.

Our list of jobs as the most called upon Water Restoration Company Key Biscayne spans multiple facets and has many types. The list of water restoration jobs we provide are given below.


  • Cleanup of any water logging or flooding of the basement
  • Removing properties like carpet, furniture, drywall, etc. from the affected place.
  • Identifying and taking out mold growth in humid areas.
  • Cleaning up of the damages caused by the water leakage.
  • Vacating the pooled water itself.
  • Disinfecting, deodorizing, and removing the debris from the site.

Why choose us?


Our services are top-notch and we have the modern instruments to complete the Water Damage Restoration Key Biscayne successfully. We provide pre-checks and tips to ensure that the emergency doesn’t occur again, apart from our usual water damage remediation services.

Our teams are on standby 24 × 7 and ready to visit your water-damaged place and provide the most effective remedial services. We ensure that our clients’ properties are left undisturbed. Our Water Restoration Company Key Biscayne Company has the quickest service time.

We follow-up about our services with our clients routinely. Our company provides custom services according to the damage the customer has suffered. So, if you any water damage that needs to be taken care of, give them a call ASAP.

Water & Mold Remediation