Remediate Mold Infestation With Lee Restoration

Molds grow in almost every place where there are excess moisture and humidity. It may occur on the carpet, wood, or walls in your home or office particularly when the damp places remain undiscovered. It is difficult to prevent the occurrence of mold because molds cannot be seen with the naked eye and it spreads very fast. If mold infestation is not controlled with Mold remediation in Coral Gables services, it may cause serious health issues like asthma and allergic reactions.

You should seek help from professional Mold remediation Coral Gables expert like Lee Restoration. Lee Restoration Water & Mold Remediation is a leading IICRC certified, licensed, and insured Mold remediation Brickell service provider. As a reputed Mold remediation Downtown Miami service provider, we cater to residential and commercial properties as well. We are here to help you out 365 days a year and 24*7, in case there is an emergency. Besides Mold remediation Coral Gables, we also provide restoration, repair, clean-up, and storm and fire damage services. At Lee Restoration, we aim to help you breathe better, provide healthy surroundings, and give you peace of mind with our Mold remediation Key Biscayne services. We assess your property and recommend the best plan of action according to your situation.


• Mold inspection
• Mold remediation and removal
• Water damage restoration
• Air testing for allergens

Mold Inspection in Miami

Mold inspection services are the process of identifying any mold hazard in a building structure. We will collect samples, which we test and then let you know exactly what you are dealing with, including the hazard level and the best and most cost-effective methods to solve the problem.

Why choose us?

Being a trusted mold remediation company, we possess the knowledge and expertise to eliminate mold infestation. We not only eliminate mold but also detect its source. We provide 24-hour emergency Mold remediation Brickell service and respond fast in case of any disaster. We employ only skilled and experienced Mold remediation Downtown Miami technicians and use organic materials. We prioritize customer satisfaction above all. We offer the best prices in the industry. We use only the latest Mold remediation Key Biscayne technology. We remove molds and spores with precision and keep you and your loved ones safe at home.

Get in touch with us for mold inspection and Mold remediation in Coral Gables before molds turn your home into theirs!

Water & Mold Remediation