Expert Mold Removal in the Miami Area

Lee Restoration is the premier expert in the Miami Area in all forms of water damage and mold remediation and removal, including walls, floors, ceilings, carpets and rugs. We also offer air testing for allergens. We are:

  • Dedicated to delivering the best results
  • Fully licensed in the state of Florida
  • Fully certified by NORMI
  • Up to date with the latest IICRC mold remediation protocols
  • Transparent in our pricing – there are no hidden costs
  • Honest in our appraisals
  • Thorough in our work
  • Committed to only use experienced professionals

The specialists at Lee Water take all necessary steps to make sure your office, business or home is protected while we are working. We will find the origin of the Mold, identify which type it is, and eliminate the root causes. We will track down any water leaks or sources of condensation that could help Mold get a foothold.

If our expert testing confirms the type of mold is not hazardous and not widespread, we will advise you honestly on whether it is practical and sensible to get rid of it by yourself.

Mold Inspection in Miami

Mold inspection services are the process of identifying any mold hazard in a building structure. We will collect samples, which we test and then let you know exactly what you are dealing with, including the hazard level and the best and most cost-effective methods to solve the problem.

Mold Remediation in the Miami Area

After the inspection and report, the Mold – affected areas are cleaned up, using the appropriate products, we will test the air quality again to see if there are still any mold spores in the air. If more Mold spores are found in the tests, our specialists will reapply the biocide products and do whatever follow up work is needed to resolve the problem. The Lee Water specialist will give recommendations on how to prevent Mold from returning, such as preventing damp or condensation through building maintenance, the use of a dehumidifier, changes to air conditioning, etc.


Lee Water is fully experienced in reconstruction and restorations after we remove the mold. If necessary we can offer complete reconstruction to your home, office or business, including painting and carpet or flooring replacement.

Water Damage Restoration

Lee Water is fully experienced in handling floods, drainage issues, roof leaks or plumbing problems. The sooner you get us in to make sure the area is dried out, the faster and cheaper the job will be in for you in the long run.

Note that Mold will start in Miami within 24-48 hours of a vulnerable area getting wet so it is very important to call us to get the water out as quickly as possible.

Many common building materials are capable of sustaining aggressive Mold attacks and growth, and Mold spores in the air are widespread, Mold growth in an indoor home, office or business environment is often related to the presence of water or moisture inside the building.

Mold can also be encouraged by incomplete or badly planned drying of flooring materials, especially concrete. Other culprits are flooding, leaking roofs, or indoor-plumbing problems.

Mold can also be a side-effect of water damage left after a fire is put out, burst fresh water pipes, backed up sewage, overflowing tubs, water splashes from showers, leaking window seals and issues with sinks and also household appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers etc.

You may well think you have thoroughly cleaned and fully dried out the entire property and all your furniture, carpets and rugs but Mold is persistent and will grow where you can’t easily see it, like in crevices, dark corners, under floorboards, behind wallboard and especially in areas damaged by a leaking roof.

We don’t just fix the symptoms, we will make a full cure, including remedial work to prevent further water damage.

Water & Mold Remediation


Carpet Cleaning

Mold loves a nice damp carpet or rug. So, Lee Waters offers expert carpet cleaning to remove damp, mold spores, dirt, and allergens.

Expert cleaning will also help extend the useful life of your carpet or rug and give you better indoor air quality too.

We often perform specialist carpet or rug cleaning at the end of a Mold remediation session to make doubly sure that the Mold contamination has been fully and finally eradicated. We offer our specialist expert carpet cleaning service to all property owners as a far more efficient and effective cleaning method than that of an average DIY carpet clean.

The Experts in Thermal Imaging for Water Leak Detection & Mold Tracing

Our expert use of thermal imaging can detect plumbing and other leaks inside walls before they become visible. Thermal Imaging helps trace any leaks all the way back to the original source. It’s vital to finding the primary leak area that needs to be repaired. Some leaks come to the surface several feet away as secondary leaks, far from the actual primary problem.

So thermal imaging can be used in expert hands to detect the exact route that the water is taking. Our experts can also use thermal imaging to check for many other issues, like poor insulation, deep cracks, poorly fitting windows, etc. This is great for preventing Mold but also for generally keeping your home, office, business, house of worship or school in the best possible shape.